• SPS CARIFORUM Training Videos: Fishery Products Laboratory Testing
  1. Course Opening Ceremony
  2. Microbiological Water Testing
  3. Microbiological Testing for Fish, Fishery Products, Sea Shellfish and Molluscs
  4. Practical Work: Demonstration and Experience of BIOFISH 300 (BIOLAN) Histamine Determination
  5. Histamine Analysis in Fish
  6. Chemical and Toxin Testing in Fish and Fishery Products
  7. Use of Competitive Enzyme Immunoassay Tests for the Screening of Samples for Histamine
  8. Continuation of Histamine Screening Tests
  9. Use of Rapid Test Kits for Detection of Antibiotics in Fish and Shrimps
  10. Quality Assurance in Fish Testing Laboratories Part 1
  11. Quality Assurance in Fish Testing Laboratories Part 2
  12. Business Planning for Laboratories

  • SPS CARIFORUM Training Videos: Food Safety Fishery Products
  1. Food Safety, International Trade and the Fishery Sector
  2. Case Study on the Codex Standard for Smoked Fish
  3. Classification of Hazards: Review of Chemical, Biological and Physical Hazards
  4. Food Safety Conditions in Fishing Operations
  5. Food Safety Conditions in Landing and Processing
  6. Safety of Water
  7. Practical Session: a) Water Safety and pH/Cl Testing ; b) Use of Thermometers
  8. Implementation of HACCP Systems
  9. Official Controls 1: Management of the Competent Authority
  10. Official Controls 2: Inspection and Control
  11. Risk Based Inspections
  12. Food Safety Hazards in Aquaculture; Veterinary Medicines, Aflatoxins
  13. Food Safety Controls in Aquaculture; Monitoring Requirements and Inspection of Aquaculture Facilities
  14. Traceability Systems for Fishery and Aquaculture Products Part 1
  15. Traceability Systems for Fishery and Aquaculture Products Part 2
  16. Presentation of an Approach to Regionalisation of Sanitary Inspections for Fishery Products
  17. How to Regionalise Functions Related to Inspection and Control of Fishery Products: Open Session: Discussion on Implementation