SPS in a Changing World: Building Resilience in the Caribbean Webinar

Market access for Caribbean agri-food products is increasingly determined by compliance with international Sanitary and PhytoSanitary (SPS) measures. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has brought SPS matters into the mainstream, highlighting an even greater need to strengthen regional systems. To remain competitive, the Caribbean must become more agile in order to respond quickly and effectively to new SPS requirements and champion post-pandemic economic recovery. This webinar delves into the key issues affecting SPS matters in the Caribbean Region.





Gretchen Stanton


World Trade Organisation, Agriculture Division

Building Resilience in SPS Systems

Dr. Gavin Peters

Chief Executive Officer,

Caribbean Agricultural Health and Food Safety Agency (CAHFSA)

Role of SPS in Regional Food Security

 Peter A. Murray

Advisor, Fisheries Management and Development,

CRFM Secretariat

The Blue Economy: Strengthening SPS systems

Juliet Goldsmith

Plant Health Specialist,

Caribbean Agricultural Health and Food Safety Agency (CAHFSA)

 SPS in a Changing World: Implications for the Caribbean

Dr. Janet Lawrence

Agricultural Health,  

Safety and Food Quality 

Specialist - Caribbean/11th

 EDF SPS Project Manager, IICA

Modernising the Caribbean SPS Environment

Ravi Sankar

Chief Executive Officer,

RHS Marketing Limited

SPS Capacity Building: Private Sector Case Study –Condiments & Spices

Jason Arnold

Quality Control Manager,

National Fishermen Producers Cooperative Society Limited

SPS Capacity Building: Private Sector Case Study - Fish & Fishery Products

Dr. Spencer Henson

Professor, Department of Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics (FARE), University of Guelph

Prioritising SPS Investments to Improve Market Access